3D flight simulator

As part of the Piste des Géants project, Toulouse Métropole ask us to develop a real simulator which offers to live the airmail history through piloting a Breguet plane.

We had to model pricesely numerous landscape and deal with architectures and vehicules from the past.

I also develop two unity tools, one to batch modify terrains tiles and another one to convert real gps coordinates into unity’s cartesian system.


This project was completed during my work at Capgemini Engineering. They have all rights reserved.

The difficulty here was (of course) to manage a lot of historical documents and photos to have a good idea to how were objects (and vehicles) at that time. The other big difficulty, as technical artist, was to deal with real flight and topographicals/measurements datas, in order to place our elements in Unity and deal with the mechanical simulator.
Gregory BOVE