Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles3D material A new substance designer material for my series "My Home". For this time : the tiles in my bathroom. 100% in substance designer, rendered in Marmoset. DesignerToolbagThe difficult task was to render a realistic wet surface and to handle with the almost-all-white material (and create a subtle contrast)Gregory BOVE

Cobblestones Flower

Cobblestones Flower3D material Quick study about cobblestones and substance designer. The idea was to make a "complex" pattern with simple shapes as cobblestones. 100% in substance designer, rendered in Marmoset. DesignerToolbagThe global shape here was a bit hard to think upstream but it made me want to try a lot of differents things in Substance Designer.Gregory BOVE

River rocks

River rocks3D material Quick study and my first substance designer material. The idea was to make river rocks, a bit wet, and with vivid colors. 100% in substance designer, rendered in Marmoset. DesignerToolbagAs a first try to this software, it was hard to have a good rock shape, and to make them pop out of a simple 3D plane.Gregory BOVE

Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles

Polystyrene Ceiling Tiles3D material A new substance designer material series : My home. I'm going to look around me and try to copy interesting material in my tiny house. For this time : my polystyrene ceiling tiles. 100% in substance designer, rendered in Marmoset DesignerToolbagFor this project, the polystyrene aspect was not-so-easy to have.Gregory BOVE

Comic Room

Comic Room3D Diorama The idea was to make a low poly scene of a room full of comics and marvel toys ^^ I really like the 3D diorama look style when I'm watching website like artstation or behance. BlenderPhotoshopThe limit between the low poly and the cartoon aspect was a bit tricky in this project.Gregory BOVE

Crazy Permis

Crazy PermisAndroid game assets Crazy Permis is a game I had to make for a technical test. I had the core gameplay and they asked me to make all 3D assets: I went beyond in creating all GUI and SFX aspects, and I coded additionnal gameplay features. BlenderUnityI only had a few day to complete this challenge, and, I still ...

Cube Appearance

Cube AppearanceUnreal Engine FX This effect was a technical test for a job : a long and scripted FX with, as subject, to make a cube appearance with cool effects (and in Unreal Engine 4). Unreal EnginePhotoshopThis project was a really good opportunity to try VFX for games.Gregory BOVE

Cute Animals Harvesting

Cute Animals HarvestingModeling from .svg A little project to trying a method to work with .svg files in blender. I had just seen a tutorial which explain this workflow and I had to test it. The original illustration was download on a stock website. BlenderIt was a really good experiment to learn a technique and try it on the fly.Gregory ...

Dalek At Home

Dalek at homeExteeerminaaate ! I recorded a scene in my terrace, simulating a encounter with this fellow. I used NukeX’s camera tracking to export a 3D scene and camera, where I put my 3D character on it. I used Vray to have a realistic result. BlenderThis project is kinda old but I still like the result, and it was really ...

Inktober 2020

Inktober 2020The famous challenge... but in 3D ! I decided here to participate in the 2020 edition of Inktober... but in 3D. I used several ink shaders to have kinda the same look of all my 2D competitors. BlenderThe difficulty here, as all inktobers, was the timetable : the need to make a 3D scene / day was hard to ...