Space Up And Down : Reloaded

Space Up And Down : ReloadedFirst 2D game This game is a one button runner where you need to dodge all the obstacles and reach the higher distance you can. But BEWARE! The game will speed up and every obstacle and bonus are randomly generated! Ready... Steady... UnityPhotoshopC#This project was a good training for a game asset modelingGregory BOVE


EthiCycleSustainable driving app This app was made for a global european project about sustainable transport in France. The goal was to have a tool to encourage use of bike in the south of France : bike ride / hike presentation, POI, ... WinDev MobilePhotoshopThe challenging aspect here was to deal with Google Maps API.Gregory BOVE

C4ET Board games

C4ET board gamesGames for education These games were made in an European project for adult education about energy transition (project C4ET : Citizen for Energy Transition). Six european countries around the same goal, had to develop tools like games or print documents. PhotoshopThe challenge here was to deal with many crountries, their aspirations, their rules, their goals to educate for ...


STRHMulti-touch app In order to present its activities in an entertaining way, STRH (Stade Toulousain Rugby Handisport) asked us to create a multi-touch application. It will be integrated into a touch screen table and it will can be used by 4 visitors simultaneously. UnityPhotoshopC# This project was completed during my work at Capgemini Engineering. They have all rights reserved. It ...